Black Cat 2.0 - 1mm

Black Cat 2.0 - 1mm

Black Cat Grip Co. Fingerboard Grip Tape 2.0!

The new 2.0 is a slightly softer foam material compared to the original, and can be easily identified by the new 3M Adhesive Backing! The new 3M adhesive ensures a strong bond between your foam and your board.

(The 3M adhesive is strong, and you may need to warm it with moms hair dryer before attempting to remove from your board).

Designed specifically for fingerboarding! Smooth, grippy, and long lasting formula. Gets even grippier after a few sessions!

Each sheet of grip is 38mm wide and 110mm long.

Available in two thicknesses:
“Black Cat 2.0” - 1mm
“Black Cat Skinny 2.0” - 0.7mm

Each pack includes 6 sheets of premium foam grip tape and a sticker.

“Grip It And Rip It!”