Kraken Fb Trucks 32, 34, 36mm

Kraken Fb Trucks 32, 34, 36mm

professional trucks made by hand.
Each pair takes more than 10 hours of work in its elaboration since they are handmade just like a piece of jewelry, which makes them unique pieces since there is no other type of trucks that are made in this way.

These trucks are characterized not only by their manufacturing method but also by their unique and unmistakable design, very sharp angles and a polished that give a unique appearance.

They also have a super low inverted kingping, so it will never be a problem that the kingping scrapes or gets stuck when the trucks are sliding on any surface.

They are designed to achieve either a very loose fit or a very stiff fit by simply changing the bushing configuration.

It has a single steel axis that crosses the entire body of the truck as well as a locking system on the axis which prevents it from moving or turning on itself, this added to the use of safety nuts and you can find them in measures from 32 to 36 millimeters.

Each set includes the following:

-2 Trucks
-8 Mounting Screws
-6 Locknuts
-Soft Bushings & Pivot Cups