Crow Flash Art - Mid And High Molds

$45.00 - $50.00
Crow Flash Art - Mid And High Molds

The High or die mold(These shapes are at the bottom of the drop down menu) featured high kicks, and symeytrical shapes. This means you can ride this board what ever way you throw it down. Small Disclaimer! These are hand made and made from wood so that means the kicks might not be 100 perfectly symmetrical but this will not effect performance thats just the nature of wood.

Made with hand dyed maple!

Some shapes now cost a little extra to make, the detailed and more intricate shapes definitely take more time and patience to make. These are all hand made and not machined so I hope you can respect the craft! Thank you as aways for the support

CUSTOM: Please select the shape you like from the shape guide and pick out your selection in the drop down menu. Also please allow for 1-5 days for cutting, sanding, clear coating and graphic application. Sizes and shapes can NOT be changed from what's displayed!